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What can the ChatBot do?


Manage Check-in

Offer a Check-in experience on WhatsApp, Facebook or in the chat of your site.

Room Service

Your guests will be able to request room service using Whatsapp and it will directly impact on your PMS.

Reservation Upgrades

It will proactively seek that guests request a room upgrade or include breakfast / lunch in the reservation

Useful Information

The guest will have information on attractions to visit, restaurants, banks, etc

Incredible Features for your Hotel

We want your guests’ experience to be perfect. That is why our ChatBot has the best natural language processing technology, which leads to real and pleasant conversations. It is practically a human conversation … 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and with the ability to handle thousands of conversations simultaneously.

Checkin Online – Whatsapp

Now your guests can check in online without having to be face to face with the front-end team. In this way, safeguarding the bio-security of your team and your guests.

The chatbot integrates with more than 10 PMS.

Instant information on your Hotel Services

The Chatbot to act on queries:

  • of Room Service
  • Taxi orders
  • ask for late check-out
  • etc

You can charge for these services or add it to your PMS´s account. And you know what? All these in the language of your guests.

Upgrades in the Reservation

How do you hear it! As the Chatbot resolves guests’ doubts, it will try to upgrade rooms or add breakfast / lunch to the package.

A Chatbot that generates Results

Start a Proof of Concept today and check the results.

It all starts with an amazing experience.