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What do we need to achieve it?

Price Check

60% of people book through the cheapest channel


Custom Notes

Show key messages during the reservation process as the OTAs.


72% of visitors believe more in guests who have already stayed.

Exit Intent Popup

Allows you to retain who is about to leave the hotel website.

Are you the Marketing, Sales or Reservations Manager and want more reservations?

⇒ If the hotel’s income is highly dependent on OTAs; If you are concerned about feeling at a disadvantage in relation to these platforms and every time the commissions increase and your profitability drops…

⇒ If you want to generate more direct reservations from the hotel’s website to increase profitability and take control of income to depend less on OTAs…

We understand you, and we tell you a secret: the problem is not in bringing traffic to the hotel’s website, but in what happens to the person who arrives and why they do not book from there.


The Conversion Widgets are the Tool that will increase the Direct Reservations from the Hotel Website

We just install it on the website, adapt the look-and-feel and you start to enjoy its benefits.

Price Check

A tool is installed that shows the hotel rate on other portals. The main objective is that the potential guest does not leave your website; it is natural that a person needs to know if they are buying at the best rate (nobody wants to lose money) and that is why, in general, they compare several platforms.

More than 50% of people consider price as a relevant factor; They believe that OTAs have better offers and promotions, and before booking they make a comparison between all the channels.

The platform also has the option of showing the potential client exclusive benefits (such as free parking or breakfast included, etc.). This will increase the desire to book in the moment.

The calmer the person is that he/she is doing the “best deal”, the less leakage the web will have, and therefore the direct bookings will increase.

* It does not affect the loading speed.

* Design adaptable to any website.

Try the Price Check on your Website

In two clicks you can see how it looks on your website.

Custom Notes

This tool will allow you to insert messages based on sales resources (psychological) that are used to help a potential client make the purchase, such as: highlighting a specific benefit, generating a shortage or urgency.

Benefits of this tool:

  • The desire to book on the hotel website increases.
  • Accelerate decision making.
  • It generates the WOW experience (feeling of admiration that increases desire).

Examples of messages:

  • “Today 5 people booked for the date you are looking for”.
  • “9 people are now looking at this page”.
  • “There are only 3 rooms left”.
  • “Attention! Get free breakfast by booking through our webiste ”.
  • “Last room available on this date.”

Beyond the fact that there are several studies that verify that these messages stimulate the guest to make the reservation, they are present in all OTAs. It will be for some reason, right?

Try the Custom Notes on your Website

In two clicks you can see how it looks on your website.

Guest Ratings

Guest ratings are increasingly influencing a guest´s booking decision.

A report shows that 72% of guests are more influenced by the opinion of other guests than the reputation of the hotel.

Not sharing the experiences of guests who have already stayed is one of the biggest mistakes hotels make.

Who would want to be the first to stay in a hotel, and risk having a bad experience?

The potential guest needs to know the experience of others to make the decision to book, that is why it is essential that the reviews appear.

As shown in the image, the hotel’s own website will show the score it has on Booking, TripAdvisor, Facebook, among others.

Benefits of incorporating reviews:

  • Trust: Guests trust the reviews of others more than the texts of the hotel itself, this will provide the guest with peace of mind and an increase in the credibility of the hotel website.
  • Reputation: The good opinions of the guests will position the hotel as a reference point when looking for a good accommodation experience.
  • Avoid abandonment: If the hotel website does not have ratings and the potential client has to go elsewhere to see them, you run the risk of booking from an OTA.

Test the Ratings on your Website

In two clicks you can see how it looks on your website.

Exit Intent Popup

This tool allows you to retain those who are about to leave the hotel website.

Between 74% and 95% of the people who arrive at a website leave it in a matter of seconds. However, since getting visitors to a website costs money and time, it is more profitable to implement strategies to retain who is already there than to attract new traffic. In turn, the person who has already decided to enter has a special interest in that particular hotel, and that increases the possibility of conversion.

When the person is about to leave, a message will appear to help them make the reservation; In addition, we use artificial intelligence resources to display the pop up (pop-up window) at the optimal time.

Benefits of the Exit Intent Popup:

  • It will increase the interaction of visitors with the website.
  • It will decrease the leakage; site abandonment is reduced by 27%.
  • It will capture more emails: if you use Email marketing as a sales strategy, you will have the emails of those interested in the hotel to add them to the campaigns.
  • You will increase direct bookings and save money from traffic ads to the web, as it will be cheaper to convert every visitor to a guest.

What kind of pop up can be used?

The pop-up window can appear with offers loaded in the booking engine or when the person is about to leave the website. With it, unique qualities of the hotel can be highlighted, increasing the desire to book.

* It can also be used to attract subscribers.

* It adapts to platforms such as Wix and WordPress, or any similar.

Try the Exit Intent Popup on your Website

In two clicks you can see how it looks on your website.


We understand that as a Sales, Marketing or Reservation manager, you want the best for the hotel but don’t want to take risks; and that is why we offer you all the peace of mind:

✔️ You have 1 month free trial.

✔️ After that period, you can choose the plan that suits you best. Direct reservations will increase by 35% and with less than one reservation per month, you will already recover the investment of the tool. We challenge you to check it out, do you dare?

✔️ You can unsubscribe whenever you want without extra charges.

✔️ Personalized support: you will have technical support by email and telephone when you need it.

✔️ You don’t have to know anything technical. The tool is intuitive and, in turn, every 15 days we offer training in digital marketing and sales strategies for the hotel to increase direct bookings.

“In just 3 weeks we noticed a giant increase in our direct bookings.”

– Román Gomez, General Manager

Do you have any doubt?

Do I need to hire a designer to install the pop ups on the website?

No. We will install all widgets on the site for free.

How does the free trial work?

When you click the “try it free” button, you will need to create an account, and then a representative will contact you to move forward with the implementation. You will have 1 month of free trial and in that time you will be able to test the effectiveness of the tool.

When the trial period ends, you can choose the most convenient plan for the hotel and continue to enjoy the benefits of the tool. If instead you want to unsubscribe, you can do so at no cost.

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Yes, you can cancel the service the day you want; You will be billed in proportion to the days you have enjoyed the benefits of the tool.

What are the benefits of making an annual payment?

When you make the annual payment for the tool, you will have 2 months for free; In addition, we can issue the invoice with the date that suits you best.

Can I start with one plan and then move on to another?

Yes; the change of plan has no additional cost. You can start with the plan you prefer and think is most convenient for the hotel, and then you can move on to another if you consider it.

How is payment made?

The payment can be monthly or yearly (remember that this way you save two months). It can be made with international Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.

The only contract to sign are the terms and conditions of the platform.

Increase direct bookings from the hotel’s website by 35% and improve profitability.

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